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    General Information

  • What is paerpay

    Paerpay is a free mobile app that lets you easily pay your restaurant bill from your phone. With paerpay, you will never be stuck waiting for your bill, or flagging down your server to pay. With paerpay, you can also split the bill evenly or by individual items. For restaurants, we increase check averages, tip averages, and turn tables faster during peak business hours. We directly integrate with your point of sale system... yep, no additional hardware needed.


  • Which phones are supported?

    You can pay with paerpay using your iPhone or Android phone.

  • Which cards can I use?

    We support all major credit and debit cards.

  • Can I split my bill?

    Yes! When you pay with paerpay, you can split the bill evenly or by individual items.

  • Is it safe and secure?

    Yes! No more giving your credit cards to strangers. When you pay with paerpay, your full credit card information won’t be share with any restaurants.

  • Do I need a credit card to pay with paerpay?

    Yes, you will need an active credit card to "connect" to your bill and dash when you are ready.

  • Is it really free?

    Yes! You will not be charged any additional fees by paerpay or by the restaurant.

  • How do I use paerpay?

    Once at a restaurant that supports paerpay, use the in app QR code scanner to scan the code at our table. This will put you on your restaurant bill. Once on the bill, order through your server like you traditionally would. As your server adds your order into their POS system, you will be able to view your bill details on your phone. When you are ready to leave, pull out your phone and hit "pay" to close and pay your bill.

  • How do I find a restaurant to pay with paerpay?

    Paerpay’s "Restaurants" page shows the closest restaurants located near you that support pay with paerpay


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  • How can I learn more information about paerpay?

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